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The way to save with autobill.

January 31st, 2018 at 04:58 pm

Day after Day - I ask myself - Am I saving enough?

I am insurance agent and people call me all the time to save their money. I take my duty to provide solid insurance to them while saving money very seriously.

However I am obsessed with saving my own money. One of the tricks that I have learned about over the years, is in cutting down on monthly fees. I am not talking about the one offs, but the one offs that somehow become "auto bill"

There are certain types and kinds of autobills that are just fine, your mortgage or insurance costs. Fine, those have to be paid.

But your HBO bill? Do you really need HBO 12 months a year. The thing is you forget about it.

How about that monthly Pandora bill? Do you really need that subscription each and every month?

How about that auto billed magazine that you no longer read?

Think it through and you might be able to save some real money.